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What's all this then?

I grew up in Massachusetts, drawing X-Men comics with my grade school friends, watching the same Tom Baker Doctor Who episodes on PBS over and over again, reading Stephen King, and getting dropped off to see Mad Max and the Road Warrior and other age inappropriate double features.  I went on to read Love & Rockets, attend Rhode Island School of Design for illustration, and to study art history at Boston University.

 I moved to New Jersey, where I discovered hockey was not in fact the fourth national pastime. I make woodblock prints about people, animals, monsters and hockey, and collect them into zines and books. 


  • All my prints are original limited editions that are hand-carved and hand-printed, numbered and signed.

  • I carve my work out of blocks of birch plywood with a mix of Pfeil, Power Grip and Futatsu Wari hand tools.

  • I print mainly but not exclusively with Speedball Professional Relief Ink, and mostly but not only on Strathmore 300 Printmaking paper, using EssDee brayers.

  • I use a mix of barens, a Provisional Press, a vintage Morgan Line O Scribe showcard press, and a Dick Blick etching press for the printing.

  • Prints are matted to standard sizes for framing:

    • 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 11 x 14, 12 x 12 and 16 x 20   

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