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Please read the guidelines and contact me with any questions.

Commissioned work starts at US $250.

The process:
Submit a commission request to  Once we have connected and aligned on the scope of work, I will send you a link to a custom commission listing. 50% is due up front with a short letter of agreement in order to commence work.  50% will be due upon completion to receive your final piece.  You can pay via PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp, credit card, or hand me cash at an in person show pick-up.   

I will depict nipples of any gender presentation, and probably butts, but no genitalia of any kind. Think tasteful sexy nudity, I guess, whatever TF that means, not explicit depictions of organs and acts. 
Action, horror, monsters and some blood are cool, but not out & out gore or vore.  

Please keep in mind that whatever the subject matter, it will be rendered in my style and medium. Take a look at my work, and if you don't want my eye and voice in your custom piece, then you may wish to consider a different artist.

I reserve the right to decline any requests, without explanation, or with an explanation you might not like if you bug me about it.  If I think I can make an awesome print for you I will, and if I think what you want is not what I do, I won't.

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